3 Easy Ways to Play Game PS4 on Android


Play Games Play Station or often called also with PS is a thing that is very fun. for gamer games PS itself no less excitement with other devices. Over the course of time the PS itself evolved following the development of the times. Now this is the most recent generation of PS Play Station 4 or often called the PS4. This PS4 design itself has a pretty elegant. capable of playing the game is heavy though and the price is also not cheap. But an awful lot of gamer dream to buy this game but could not be realized because of the high cost factor. This of course dismayed most of gamer.

Maybe you want to play the game in your android this PS4? It’s also possible you’d love to enjoy the sensation of playing a game this PS4 anywhere and anytime? This of course can you guys do it using a variety of ways. but of the many ways to enjoy the games this way PS4 this one is the easiest way to do and most widely performed by most gamer. Before that in order to play the game smoothly on this smartphone PS4 you. There are some specifications that need to be on notice.

  1. the Processor. Processor is the first thing you notice when he wanted to play the game on android PS4. why the processor so important? because the processor is the brain of the smartphone as you. When you smartphone slow and often really lag when playing a game of weight means processor in smartphones you don’t support in the game.
  2. RAM. Things that are not as important as processor. without ram is you can not play those games on Smartphones you classy. the higher the ram is getting a good deal. Today the smartphone ram has a large amount of ram has become things that can. However to run this in the android game ps4 you need at least 3 GB of ram in order to smoothly play it.
  3. ROM. ROM Memory is also very important. If your ROM memory is full your smartphone will be slow and of course you can’t play the game on your smartphone ps4 smoothly. so try your smartphone in a State of sufficient ROM in order to smoothly play the game.

Well here it is 3 easy ways to play the Game on Android you, PS4 just try or do this under way so that it is easy to understand and be able to avoid in your own questions:

  1. Download the PS4 Remote Play. You can download the application or download this Remote Play on the PS4 PlayStore “special Sony” if it does not exist in the PlayStore you can download it at google or some trusted sites such as XDA Developers.
  2. Sign in/Login and settings. Make sure you connect your android into the same wifi as it is in PS 4 you. and then do the Login in the settings menu. redirect process typically wait for a few minutes. once the process is finished and the Login Redirect also completed you can instantly preview your on screen menu of PS4 your Smartphone.
  3. Completed and play. Select the game you want to play. You can play it with the touch screen or with the joystick.




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