Wifi Problem Solution On Android Is Not Connected


Network connection or indeed becomes a thing that is needed especially for smart phones or Smartphones. In addition to using the data package from our mobile operator with a variety of rates, we are also accustomed to using data connection of wifi in homes or buildings such as on campus, mall, restaurant. But what would happen if it turns out that when you try to use wifi android we are quite problematic and often cut off by itself.



On this occasion we will discuss how the solution of a problem in Wifi Android that is often disconnected. It is indeed irritating that it feels like, when our friends can connect to wifi networks in the same place, but android we are quite problematic. problem connection fails it can indeed happen on Android version any good gingerbread, ICS, jellybean, even kitkat. then how about the solution?

Sometimes lost WIFI connection and reconnect:

This problem is the most common problem found where the wireless connection often broke previously disconnected for no reason, or when the flame smartphone wifi connection can connect, but when screen android smartphone died, suddenly the wifi connection disconnected by itself and can be turned on and connected back when android screen back on.

actually it is not the result of damage to the hardware or software that is on android, but because ye Sleep setting Policy on Android.

Sleep Policy on android is a setting where smartphones will run android when the position of a particular command we’re sleep or not operating. usually sleep policy will be active in power saving mode in enable. either by software or battery saver indeed set by owners of android.

to set it up please follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings the wifi search > settings.
  • After go to settings the wifi, you tap the upper right corner, and then select advanced .
  • Here you go into settings advanced wi-fi, you can see the settings Keep Wi-fi on during sleep.
  • Tap, then you can arrange it according to your needs you. But if the thing you always dead wifi when the screen is dead, you have to change it to “Always”.



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