Tomato fruit for health benefits


Tomato is a fruit that is red and is often made into a condiment cuisine. The benefits of tomatoes in addition to cuisine, also turned out to be mostly used for health and beauty of the body. Tomatoes, usually we often serve as additional seasoning vegetable soup, vegetables, chili sauce and so on. Not only that, the tomato fruit is also very tasty if served with the juice. Some of the benefits of tomato is good for the skin and body health is to eliminate acne, facial skin care, treat hypertension, heart disease to prevent cancer.


Health benefits of tomato for none other because the compounds contained in it. Some of the compounds contained in tomatoes, such as folic acid, Malic acid, citric acid, saponins, proteins, fats, minerals, Bioflavonoids, histamine, and some vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E, likopen and niacin).

Other benefits of tomato fruit is healthy diet program can help you. Moisture content and the fibers are very high, make us feel full faster and longer by not increasing the levels of calories in the body. Not only are there only, vitamin A, C, K, folic acid and other minerals contained in one glass of tomato juice already meet the intake of nutrients needed by the body. By consuming tomato juice every day, not just a slim body obtained but also heart health can be maintained and greatly increase the durability of the body from various diseases.

With a fairly high antioxidant content, then the tomato can be useful both for health and beauty skin face. Unnecessary costly care in the salon, you can simply buy a tomato stall to get a facial skin clean, healthy and glowing. As for how to use tomatoes to face is making the mask is applied to tomato juice on your face every day. Then the facial skin are always brighter, cleaner from acne and also healthier.




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