Tips Battery Saving for Android Smartphone


Did you know that the battery Android smartphone is much more wasteful if compared to a mobile phone? Already certain users of Android phones many who complained about the durability of their mobile phone battery. Especially for an Android phone that only has a capacity of 2000 mAh battery under such Nexian Journey One, certainly will be greatly felt wasteful. Especially if your mobile phone is installed in many applications and games, often playing with the applications and games that your cell phone battery will be more wasteful.

Android Baterai

However, this Android smartphone battery wastes can be addressed by running some of the following tips. Tips I give here can save your Android phone’s battery usage.

  1. Turn off the data connection to the internet and use the Wifi connection. This is one of the main factors why your Android smartphone batteries can be wasteful. Using a data connection from the provider can third battery wasteful, especially if the signal is up and down, and it’s bound to happen. Cell phones will be forced to always look for the best connection from the provider. For example, if the signal is down then the work phone will be getting a maximum of seeking the best signal. This resulted in rapid battery wastes. The solution is Yes just use wifi. Signals from wifi router would have been more stable. In the present era it may be you will not trouble finding Wifi, either free or paid. Even your laptop or computer can also be used as a Wifi hotspot.
  2. Turn off the Sync feature. Android phone there is usually a data Sync feature that serves to synchronize data on your mobile phone to upload to Google’s servers. If you log in using a Google account on your phone, try to turn off the Sync feature. Even applications such as Facebook, email, contact Sync feature. Well, to maximize the use of your cell phone battery should turn off this feature. How to disable this Sync you can enter Settings > > Accounts, and view all the existing account and then turn off the Sync feature.
  3. Turn Off The GPS. This GPS features are indeed very important today. All android phones already equipped GPS features to facilitate your search for a location. But don’t forget to turn off the GPS when not in use. Often someone forgot to turn off the GPS back after they use it. In addition you have to turn off the feature that is Access to my location, there is usually in Settings > > Location services. Don’t forget to turn off the feature.
  4. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Brightness/brightness on the screen Android also have an effect on consumption of the battery. Then reduce the screen brightness to save battery usage. If I own the brightness of the screen I usually set up 1/4 at normal conditions. But several Android phones there are now equipped with the auto brightness feature, so the brightness of the screen will be adapted to the conditions of light around.
  5. Remove/uninstall apps that are not useful. Some applications might just be nothing running in the background. Despite the fact that the application is not being opened but can just run in the background. Or when there is an update on the application, then the work will increase. For it to just delete some of the applications where never worn. In addition to saving on battery usage, it will also relieve the memory of your mobile phone.
  6. Use the battery saver application. Nowadays many once battery saver application that you can choose in Google Play store, e.g. DU Battery Saver or Greenify.



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