Playing Games Android On Your PC Without The Bluestack


But for those of you who frequently play online games on your computer you probably will feel saturated due to the appearance of the smartphone is small for it we will share information to you about how to play the game on android you computer without bluestack. As we know bluestack is software that we can use to play games android on PC but because the file size is very large so that these applications result in the performance of your computer be slow, well to cope with it we will tell you about the substitute application bluestack, what are those?, let us refer to as below.

Android BlueStack

The Application Plays A Game Android On PC In Addition To The Bluestack:

  1. YouWave for Android. Before his booming BlueStacks, YouWave for Android is a fairly well-known application, YouWave for Android has a unique look and fit with the costumer. Hp’s new Android users can understand easily when running YouWave for Android. The performance of the YouWave also quite impressive, quite smooth and easy to run.
  2. Android Emulator from the Android SDK. For you guys who like coding Java Android, certainly not already familiar with LSD in the Android SDK. This emulator is generally used create a testing application Android programmers. Average less fit create an end-user or customer. The install process is also a bit complicated.
  3. Windroye. Windroye/Windroy is the Android emulator that comes from China. The look of Windroy quite interesting and easy. If you have a qualified computer specifications, you can run the BlueStacks and Windroy without any problems. Windroy any Clans Clash of gaming support. Lack of Windroy i.e. we cannot obtain a pass from the news official website., whether it’s minimum requirements, faqs, and more. outside of that forum from Windroy language, China’s own difficult for buyers who do not understand Chinese language.
  4. Android x 86. Android x 86 operating system i.e. Android that has changed I’ll can run on a x 86-based. Android-x 86 on its own can really practically pure Android OS and cannot fully emulator (called emulators, because we can install and run it on a Virtual Machine). Android-x 86 pretty responsive to run even though there are obstacles on the support

    drivers. So that’s some application options you can try to play games on the PC. The information that can be given at this time posting about playing games Android on your PC without the Bluestack may be useful for you.



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