List Of The Best Food Source Of Vitamin C


Same as other vitamins, vitamin C is one of the vitamins that are badly needed by the body. Some of the benefits and functions of vitamin C for health among other things useful to boost the immune system, ward off free radicals, brighten the skin and help the formation of collagen. In addition to health, vitamin C also has good benefits to keep the beauty of the skin. In each day, the average human takes 75 mg to 500 mg of vitamin C, Then what are the best sources of vitamin C? The following is a list of food sources of vitamin C.

Vit C

The fruit with the highest content of vitamin C:

  1. Tomato Fruit. this one may already be familiar to you, the fruit has small size and ordinary red when it had started to cook turned out to have a very high vitamin C in it. In 100 grams of tomato fruit contain 34 milligrams of vitamin c. you can enjoy the fruits of this one directly or made into juice. But if you want to eat the fruit of the tomato to be a vegetable try don’t cook it too ripe. This is because it can make the content therein including vitamin c be reduced.
  2. Apple Fruit. this one was already famous for its numerous, which for health or beauty. This is certainly the role of content in dala apples, one of which was vitamin c. fruits apal is the best source of vitamin c, you can find vitamin c about 5 milligrams in 100 grams of apples. Where the content of vitamin c in fruit Apple serves to help excrete toxins or poisons in the body. Not quite up to it, it turns out that Apple also has deposits of fruits antioxidant function to help ward off free radicals that can cause various diseases in the body.
  3. Pineapple. Fruit that is often utilized as a jam this is indeed very refreshing. In 100 grams of pineapple contains 47.8 mg vitamin c. 100 grams of pineapple is also equivalent to one cup of pineapple already cut up.
  4. Orange. No doubt this fruit is no stranger in the ears of society Indonesia. Oranges contain 53.2 mg vitamin c. Nutrition Experts also suggested that eating a citrus fruit, is enough to be able to meet the needs of vitamin C every day.
  5. Strawberries. Next is the strawberries. Almost everyone is no doubt already been eating fruit that is red and has a sour taste to it. Five large strawberries or 100 grams of fruit contains about Strawberries 58.8 mg vitamin c. Besides a salubrious and has many nutrients, they are also useful to whiten teeth naturally.



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