How to get into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung recently released Galaxy S7 and for those who want to know how to enter the Galaxy S7 to Recovery Mode, we will explain how to do this below. recovery mode is a separate boot sequence on all Android devices out there.

Samsung S 7

When you purchase Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, mobile phones will be launched on the stock recovery image. Image restoration of relations between the users and the internal phone and image recovery can be used via recovery mode.

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Recovery mode has several different operations which included a software update, make a hard reset, or create a backup. If you would like to change and modify the Galaxy S7 to tailor or optimize the Android system, such as CWM or recovery TWRP will be necessary. When placing the S7 or Galaxy Galaxy S7 end to CWM or recovery TWRP, you can perform operations such as obtaining root access, unlocked bootloader, remove bloatware, installing custom firmware ROMS and more. Here is a guide on how to enter the Samsung Galaxy S7 mode recovering.

How to get into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Turn Off Galaxy S7.

2. Press Power, the Home and the Volume Up button on the press together and holding the button.

3. Once you see the Android System Recovery screen, release the button.

4. Use Volume down to navigate through the options. Use the Power button to select the highlighted option.

5. Done



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