How to fix your own Printer Epson DFX 9000 Ribbon Jam


Here the author wanted to share the experience of how to overcome the damage of the printer Epson DFX 9000 with error RIBBON JAM. Given the large number of users are experiencing this error, hopefully this article can help solve the problem. Well get on with it.


Originally the author analyzes the error is caused by damage to the sensory part of the RDA (Ribbon Drive Assembly) or driving bands. Because the user explains that his Ribbon not long ago replaced, and usually if you already replaced the Ribbon with a new one, the printer will be back to normal but the lapse of some time this error appeared again.

After checking the sensor on the RDA (Ribbon Drive Assembly)/Activator Ribbon, it turns out that there is no problem, all the components of a good run then checking in did on Ribbon Cartridge itself, apparently after the Ribbon in the Ribbon seen unloading snagged on driving Roll tape.

To deal with this problem the author change the tape Ribbon Cartridge DFX 9000 with Ribbon Refill Epson LQ2180, because tape is shorter so that the movement of the tape will be smooth. Proven tape content replaced after problems resolved can Jam Ribbon.



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