How to fix and resolve the Android Keyboard Error


Android keyboard fix solutions do not work and Error. When engrossed were chatting or playing my favorite game fill free time all of a sudden your Android keyboard error and damaged, whether it be slow or type your own. Obviously this is going to be very pissed off especially if you make a game that is played is entering the final stages of completion level. You may be puzzled why the keyboard Android phone or tablet that pet could experience such problems.

Android Keyboard

Android keyboard especially for touch screen keyboard is run by special applications where she had the role to include input and commands against other applications that are running. The Android keyboard suddenly not working can be caused by several things. For example due to crashing between applications or too large number of cache that you haven’t clear. In addition to other things that might cause an error is because you have renewed the application from the keyboard that you use that even bugs. And how to overcome the keyboard error on android touchscreen? Here are several solutions you can try.

How to fix Android Keyboard is not working and Error”

  1. Android keyboard error and did not enter the correct input. Tap Settings > > All Apps and find and select the application that you are using the keyboard and then tap Clear Data.
  2. If there is a message “Android keyboard has stopped” on Google Nexus. Tap Settings > > All Apps and then scroll down to find the Download Manager and then change to “disabled” to “enable”.
  3. Download application android keyboard that corresponds to the version of android you use. As an option it is best to Google Keyboard (free) or Kii Keyboard (free) and install it after that tap Setting > Language input > & then select keyboard application you just installed.
  4. Restart your Android handset, unplug battery, Micro SD and SIM cards for a few seconds.




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