Tips on how to care for a Durable and long lasting Printer


Info tips how to care for a printer that you have in order to be durable and long lasting it will be easier to do than to fix a broken printer. It didn’t take long at the time of doing or take care of him, just takes a few minutes but it should be done with the routine. All right, now please check out some easy tips that should be done on the bullet points below.

Take Care Printer

Practical Tips On How To Care Of The Printer:

  1. Use the Printer with regular periodically, at least 1 time a week usage

The printer is not used for too long it will result in the occurrence of deadlock on the Nozzle because the dried ink is not flowing, this is caused by very small nozzle diameter. Then use the printer periodically and regularly will keep the ink is still flowing and soaks the nozzle discharge ink. When this is the case then could result in damage to the head cartridge that cost almost the same as the Printer itself, so take your printer to prevent these cases do not occur.

2. Reload Ink

Immediate refill printer ink or contents when discharged, because these tips will also make the head catridge of the printer that you use into a durable and long lasting.

3. Turn off the printer correctly by pressing the power button

By pressing the power button, then turn it off at the time the printer will automatically do the cleaning of the surface of the head before going back (parking) in place. This will make the head catridge is always clean and the waking of the deadlock. Eliminate the habit of turning off the printer by unplugging the power cable straight way.

4. Avoid the use of paper which had been dusty and dirty

Ignore these tips will be fatal on roll paper, as towing when you use dirty and dusty paper to print roll towing paper will become dirty. When this is the case then it will happen gradually wear out on a roll which resulted in damage to no longer be functioning to withdraw the paper.

5. Keep Clean The Printer

Once done the printer Open don’t let use granted, always close the printer with the protector (cover) in plastic so that dirt and dust do not stick to the printer. How, after reading some of the tips on how to care for a printer points in order to be durable and long lasting like the reviews above, then I’m sure it is not difficult to take care of the printer you are using from the various kinds of damage. In addition to the easy way will also be time-consuming, hopefully simple tips can be helpful and useful for anyone.



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