Tips before buying the new iPhone


Origin of Smartphone technology company based in Cupertino this does have its appeal to the wearer. Why? Because goods from Apple have the impression the premium price that is higher than other smartphones that have the same hardware specification. But somehow when you guys use iPhone it seems like you guys so go up prestige value. In my opinion.


If today you guys there is a plan to buy an iPhone. There are some things you should know before you guys in order to get the iPhone units as expected, because now lots of iPhone refurbish CoolPad (reconditioned) or supercopy. Check this out!

1. Try to Buy iPhone in the official Reseller

to prevent the items mentioned above (recondition or super copy) there are more good you guys visit the official reseller of iPhone, such as the iBox, Emax and others. When you guys buy the iPhone at one of the resellers of course quality of the iPhone which is assured. So, any time there is a problem you can claim it directly to the venue. Well, but the thing is iPhone models that are currently available in the authorized reseller is only iPhone, iPhone 5 c 5S, 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 5, iPhone 4S. these products are already on the discontinuous by Apple production.

2. Check the condition of the iPhone and the match with Box.

Before you buy make sure you guys check out the condition of the iPhone that will be purchased. Check all existing functions ranging from touch screen, camera, sound, home button and volume. Anyway it all. Then one should you do and this is very important, namely opening the App Store application. If it turns out that Google’s Play out there. Wow, cancel any time to buy and search for other shops because 100% iPhone which would you guys buy is false.

3. Check the iPhone with iTunes

Last thing you guys need to do is check the iPhone to iTunes. It is intended to check whether the Serial Number and IMEI of iPhone you guys are detected by iTunes or not. If Yes, check back with the information on your iPhone’S IMEI you guys do is in compliance or not. If not you should ask the seller and ask to replace it with another unit.



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