The triumph of Bluetooth is not yet completed, version 5 will be coming soon


For users of mobile phones, Bluetooth is not something that is foreign again, because this wireless connection features already present in mobile phone devices since a few years ago, even when the cell phone features are booming. But the presence of wireless such as WiFi began to shift the position of Bluetooth, but not over yet because the participation of Bluetooth latest version will soon be announced.


The latest version of Bluetooth itself is expected soon to present at next week’s, in which communications technology offers a greater distance and speed data transfer. It was disclosed by Mark Powell as the Executive Director of the Bluetooth via email. In the email he mentions if the Bluetooth version 5 will be launched this coming June 16 in London, United Kingdom.

Bluetooth version 5 will offer twice the speed and four times the range of distances from the previous version. In addition, Bluetooth version 5 will also support smart home devices and add to the functionality of the IoT, in addition to increased support for location-based connection less service, such as the auxiliary navigation beacons.

Is not yet known whether the Bluetooth version 5 will support Smartphones already circulating current with updated firmware or hardware should improve. Previously, a mobile phone with the Bluetooth version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 can not do the update to the latest version, but the device with Bluetooth 4.0 can enhance version to 4.1 with update software.



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