SWYP Printer, Printer Machine Of The Future


Artefac Design Studio introduces the concept of a desktop printer is operated with touch screen, the printer is named See What You Print (SWYP). Printer aims to simplify and accelerate the process of printing by combining simple photo editing features and instant printing in one unit, which allows the user to see the results of the print before printing.

Printer SWYP

The touch screen feature on the printer SWYP this allows the user to upload an image or document, cutting or twisting design according to the wishes of users and print the design results over the touch screen on the printer toward the bottom. Because of the advanced printer is already calibrated the touch screen so it can avoid the errors and save paper.

This SWYP printer can be connected automatically with a camera or other photographic devices to upload the images that will be printed by this printer. Printer box shape adapts to the shape of the paper, while paper containers coated fabric also serves as a tool to turn on and turn off the printer by opening or closing the paper container.

Not hard to imagine this printer can be realized for real and not just a concept, but the Artefact looks like there has been no plans to market the project. Printer SWYP this is just meant to illustrate that there will always be possibilities to innovate in all matters concerned with the technology.



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