Move Android apps to SD Card Android


How to quickly move Android applications from Internal memory to SD Card Android has a million. excess turns out to still have a variety of drawbacks, including the Android memory capacity of our needs and applications for the sake of the applications that we install will burden the performance of Android on the wane or later. The best solution is an option the user is moving the applications from internal memory to external storage.

Android to SD card

External memory or SD Card is indeed rated more efficient if it is used to store the data of our Android application, because we know the storage capacity of the internal memory is extremely limited, to low end class smartphones are usually not more than 512 MB, while the middle class end for smartphone is usually around 4 GB, and for premium class smartphone of 8 GB or even more on it. Although the internal storage memory is big enough as it is, with more and more applications and high-quality game of memory that will be depleted.

There are several ways to move applications to the SD Card. You can use a variety of ways so that the applications that are on your internal it could be on the move toward to the memory card. However, if you want an easy way of moving your applications to your memory card, you can move the storage directly in the application that is available on Your Android settings, but not all applications can You move and indeed most applications could not be on the move directly without any of the Superuser root access. Therefore, it is better you have to make your mobile phone in case of root to be transferred to a memory card so that the internal application you could be more spacious. With the help of Link2SD, Move App to SD Card, and also Clean the Master, you can move more apps to the memory card.

How to move Apps to SD with the Android application

How to move Applications to the SD card of the first is to use a Clean Master. In fact, this application is an application Cache Cleaner and can also be used to move the application from the phone to the memory card. But for this application, seems to be rarely used to move the application because the application is not able to move the application along with the cache. Cache that is on the internal memory can only delete due to detected Junk Files by Clean Master. Therefore, this application is not recommended if you are a hobby game play because the cache that is in the game will be deleted so you will experience a long game loading when you’ll restart the game before You play.

Move to SD Card is the second application to move applications to the SD Card. How to move applications to the SD Card by the way it’s actually almost the same by using Clean Master. We can only moved the application without moving its cache, but this app can be used to extract application APK file so that at any time can be installed again. For the best applications, we can use Link2SD. This application can be used to move the applications along with cache. In addition, the application also provides the partition memory card for it to be changed to ext2 in order for us to be the memory card storage media.

The third of these applications, it’s obvious that you could use Link2SD because this app is highly recommended by many top internal memory in order for application developers we are becoming more relief. However, if we use this application, your mobile phone must be in a State of root in order for us to operate the application. That’s the third example how to move applications to the SD Card in order to relieve our internal memory, in particular minor internal phone.



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