Differences iPhone and android you should know


iPhone and android differences you should know. Sometimes there is a desire to buy the iPhone, but still considering is the difference that will be obtained later. Considering the price of the iPhone that are expensive of course very sorry if the benefits it brings is not in balance with the money spent.

Android Iphone

Knowing the difference iPhone and Android is also important because it could be that there is something that you hate it and it’s there in the iPhone If you are comfortable with Android and you will undo the intention to buy the iPhone. Or vice versa with knowing the difference could be that iPhone and Android that you hate on Android will not you get it on your iPhone and you will steady chose the iPhone.

There are at least 4 difference Android and iPhone. 4 the difference that will make understanding of the iPhone being obvious, and find out how it works, how iPhone applications on the iPhone, why is expensive, and so on.

 1. the iPhone is a device, while the android operating system name is

This is the misguided truth, the iPhone should not be juxtaposed with Android. Because the iPhone is a brand that is a mark of a smartphone manufactured by Apple while Android is an operating system or software that made Google.

If we want to talk about Android then its competitors is the iOS (which only exists on the iPhone), Ubuntu, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, Bada and other. The description of the details if you are eating a computer user will find windows, ubuntu, linux, Mac, Chrome and more.

Then if we want to discuss the iPhone then aligned with the Samsung Galaxy, Lumia, HTC, Evercross, Smart Telecom and so on. The difference is, only iPhone running iOS while other than the iPhone running Android there’s also Windows Phone there is also Java and never running iOS since iOS is specifically for the iPhone.

2. Exclusive iPhone, android open

so far only iPhone I know is produced by gadget 1 factory that is Apple. So there is not and never has been the iPhone produced by the factory in addition to Apple. And never well apple makes the iPhone other than smartphones.

So it cause my iPhone is in one of the exclusive management of all policies are regulated and supervised by Apple as well as performance improvements are always monitored. This causes the iPhone always gets full attention by apple since the iPhone is the only smartphone that made apple. Well that’s the material used, the applications that are allowed, to security. Every day they only work for the iPhone.

3. iPhone without external memory and external storage cannot be

the iPhone has no external memory slot so I recommend to buy the iPhone at least 16 GB of memory with a capacity of 32 Gb or bigger is better. Then what is the point of the iPhone couldn’t as OpenOffice.org external? Never connect android to the computer? certainly the result of his mount is very familiar. Android memory we both internal and external it would look like an ordinary folder and we can incorporate any type of file into it and to open it on android we only need the application explorer and file located exactly where we put it.

This is different if it is on the iPhone. When you connect iPhone to your computer, then no memory will be featured unless the folder photos. Then the process of the transfer of files from your computer to the iPhone can not do as do in Android. Arguably the memory that is on the iPhone can’t we use to store a wide variety of files unless we do a costume on the iPhone.

4. All iPhone can update the latest iOS

Android is rare. If you are an android user must be very familiar with will not be able to update to the latest android operating system. And I know lots of searching on how to update to the latest android.

Different things if you are a iPhone user. You will get the latest iOS update any version of iPhone you have. As long as the iPhone is still in range of age of use. And the way his update is very easy. You just need a wifi connection and update the iOS can do should download the application.



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