Contact transfer phone book from BlackBerry to Android


Transfer contact phone book (phone book) between mobile sometimes very difficult and requires extra work, and although successfully sometimes we experience problems such as contact the double (double) or incomplete. The situation would be more difficult if we move to another OS such as ecosystem from BlackBerry to Android.

BB to Android

Luckily in the case of moving a phone book from BB to Android, there is an easy way without the need to use any program, that we need is a bluetooth connection.

How to transfer my phone book of the mobile phone BlackBerry to Android:

  • Enable Bluetooth on both devices and then pair the Bluetooth with BB Android.
  • After you have connected, go to the Option-> Networks and Connections-> Bluetooth Connections and select the device name HP Android, select Transfer Contacts.
  • Android you’ll receive VCF files (Phonebook.vcf), select/open the file with the application of Contact and after successfully then the phone book on a BlackBerry will automatically transfer to the Android.

Way above can only be done if you want to move the contacts from BlackBerry to Android by using Bluetooth. So when a bluetooth connection is not available (very rare) then the reader Info Tech should be using BlackBerry Desktop Manager and then download the contact sync with Outlook, export contact from Outlook to CSV format and transfer the CSV file to Android.



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