Android application for Editing Photos best and most popular 2016


For those of you who have a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system is a major advantage, why? Because unlike other operating systems, Android has the ability that makes users able to customize the appearance of the operating system is freely in accordance with the style she wanted. In addition there are also millions of applications are either free or paid are ready You download in Google Play Store.

Best App Android

Here we will review some of the best most popular free applications that will make Your Android smartphone more enjoyable and provide new experiences than ever before.

Photo Editing Application:

  1. Color Booth Pro

Color Booth Pro is a photo editing application, where users can use the application Color Booth this Pro to change the eye color, so it will produce eye color like using contact lens. You can download this application at google play are available in two versions namely free and some are paid.

2. Photo PRO Lab

Is a photo editing application that is very interesting, the user is given the ease in application PRO Lab. You can contact icons by cold expression, caricature photo animations, e-cards and wallpapers mobile phones by using the application. Just download the application at google play, free of charge.

3. Camera 360

Photo editor Applications is growing interest because of the features – available featured indeed later favored by those interested in the photos especially interested in “shelfie”. In the application there are 360 Camera effects – effects of diverse cameras are packed in accordance with the related category. In addition, these applications are pun-packed simple so do not complicate its users. Another feature is also the frame that can be used but can be used only when the position Online.

4. Pics Art

photo editing is the application on Android is equipped with many interesting features for use with its users, for example the effect of diverse and also the user can combining them with different forms of photo frame. In addition, on the application of this Art can add Pics Text on the desired photo.

5. VSCO Cam®

is a recent photo editing apps for the android platform. with this application you can produce photo quality, the application also comes with several features such as photo effects, there is an image filter, and you can also instantly share the results of your photos on social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and much more. Curious? Please download in Play Store, free of charge.



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