5 reasons Choosing WordPress for small and medium business Website


WordPress for most people is a free blogging service that can be accessed quickly and easily at WordPress.com. Opinion or knowledge that is not wrong, it’s just not complete because other than as a free blogging service WordPress also is the engine behind a website (any type of website, and not just a blog) are often referred to as CMS (Content Management System), this WordPress as a CMS can be downloaded for free at WordPress.org.

Wordpress site

In this world of so many CMS developed by various parties, from which is opensource and is distributed free of charge such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. nor paid as assetnow, interspire, etc. But in my opinion there is no significant difference between CMS paid and non-paid in terms of technical support and security.

There are at least 5 most important things You should know before deciding on WordPress as the “engine” behind your business website:

1. Very easy to use

This is the first reason I use WordPress on every website that I use, both for the purposes of my online projects as well as to my clients website since the year 2009. So many complaints from business travelers that its website is not using WordPress, including the difficulty of inserting new writing into websites and too large number option button in the admin page which ultimately creates a sense of lazy to update website information into its business, but it is very important to continue to provide useful information about areas of our business to the visitors of the website so that business opportunities will be created.

2. Highly preferred by Google (SEO Friendly)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, then the “SEO Friendly” would mean search engines like Google will more easily find Your WordPress based website and Google will more easily understand the message about what business you want to convey through the website. That then also means Google will be very easy to recommend your website to potential clients, buyers, and partners who are using Google to search for the information they need in the future.

3. Community-based technical support

Because WordPress is opensource which means it is free to use, enhanced, built, and distributed by anyone without having to use a paid license, then the millions of people who have the technical abilities from all over the world interested in developing this WordPress platform and help each other with each other and form a community that loves WordPress fanatic and fellow users. So if you find any technical difficulties, you will always be able to find people who are ready to provide the solution to your problem.

4. The ease of Integrating a Blog into your Website

WordPress on a platform that was indeed originally used exclusively for blogging activities, but the last few years the development of WordPress is so rapidly so that it can be used more business website constructed purely company profile. Therefore it can easily integrate WordPress blog into a business website you.

5. Very easy to Do Customization

There are thousands of WordPress themes which can be used to beautify the look of your website, ranging from free to paid ones available in the market. You just need to choose the one that fits your needs and then with a little knowledge of web design (basics about css, html, and php) you can start modifying themes you are using, so you or Your web designer need not make it from scratch and could save you time, because you should be doing business with your website isn’t it?



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