This is the feature that Most Seeded on Android N


The annual Conference, titled Google i/o in progress on 18-20 may it is so desired by the enthusiast of technology around the world. The event was held, the developer get-together in a building, Shoreline Amphitheather near the headquarters in Mountain View-California USA with the theme

Android N

Festival. At the annual Google event indeed often made a surprise, a series of new services have been introduced. Call Allo and Duo, Google Home, Google Android, and Assitant N certainly become a major star. Already the extent to which the development of Android and what are the new features of Android N?

This is the feature that Most Seeded 18th in Android N

1. Unicode Support 9 and New Emoji

The first small surprise at the Google i/o 2016 for Android N Unicode support is 9, which makes human emoji is becoming more ‘ humane ‘ with a choice of skin color. In addition, there are also about 70 new emoji became the default Android N by default.

2. Google Assistant

The features of Android the next N get updates on Google i/o is Google’s Assistant, a feature that is similar to Google Now. Google claims that make digital assistant now smarter. A new feature is the presence of a space to chat (chat room), where you can ask questions and get answers to complex non-mechanical are quite specific.

3. ‘ Clear All ‘ button in the Multitasking

This feature of the associated interface, where you can delete all the applications in the background with a single tap. One feature that is actually not a new thing, a number of manufacturers already gives Android maker ‘ clear all ‘ feature. So, you need to wipe the baseball into left or right one by one to delete an application in the background.

4. Instant Application

This is Google’s attempt to bring developer applications closer to the Android user, where you can install applications more quickly. Suppose you’re reading 25 + best Android Photo Editing Apps 2016, when want to download on Google Play Store. However, instead of directly to the application, thus appearing similar to a few applications. Well the existence of Instant Apps trim complicated steps, so you can quickly download the application.

5. Update Seamless

Android smartphone users surely often get firmware updates regularly. But the update process itself is quite elaborate and time consuming, for which you need to download the update, install, restart, then waited and waited. In an effort to improve the user experience, Google Android N with complete feature updates seamlessly. Later, the process _ not _ feels firmware update. Update files will be downloaded automatically and are not visible. Well when you affect a reboot, the device will automatically perform the upgrade.

6. The new VR Interface for Android N

Google turns out not playing to develop Virtual Reality technology. At Google i/o, the search giant’s internet 2016 introduced Virtual Reality platform for Android N called Daydream. This VR device is a self-contained device that already includes hardware and software also VR. Later you can access the VR Mode of Android, Google’s interface is making N special so you can navigate in the world of Virtual Reality, launching applications, play games or enjoy the entertainment content.



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