The Type Of Web Server


The Type Of Web Server. What is a Web Server? The Web Server is a piece of software that serves the request be https from client PCs connected in the network (internet/intranet) and to give a result in the form of web pages that are displayed in the web browser and the general shape of the HTML document. What are the different types of types of web servers? The following will be explain some kind of the type of web server that is used today.

Type of web server

  1. Apache Web Server

Apache web server is a web application server are open source most widely used today. The Apache was first designed for the UNIX environment. However, the development in the next version, Apache released a program that can run on WindowsNT operating system.

2. Litespeed Web Server

LiteSpeed web server is the new technology that was created to replace the Apache Web Server in the future. According to the results of the research of Litespeed web server 50% faster when processing PHP and 6 x faster than Apache Web Server.

3. Nginx Web Server

Nginx web server is known by the efficient use of resources and static content gives a faster process. The use of the FastCGI handler for scripts, and capable of being stabilised load.

4. Lighttpd Web Server

Lighttpd web server is written in C language that is open source and is able to run on the operating systems UNIX/Linux and Windows. Lighttpd webserver claimed to be with the use of memory space as compared to other web servers. In addition to its ability to set the CPU-Load effectively.



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