The benefits of using PHP and Why PHP is better than


The benefits of using PHP. PHP is a programming language that is notorious for extending web pages with dynamic features. Although HTML can lay out the pages appealing and forms may be present for the user to enter information, HTML can’t really do anything with the meta-data that the user enters in the form .

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Web language such as PHP server extensions provide a way to handle the form submission and request for another user by accessing the database, send an email, generate images quickly and perform other actions. PHP is currently the most popular web server extension language, used in developing a lot of websites. This is due to popular for free, opensource in nature and partly because of the friendliness and comfort for example. read the entire file and output to the web browser can be achieved with a single line of PHP code.

Why PHP is better than We know that PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and stands for Active Server Pages. Both language alternatives to one another to web development. “PHP is a language that is relatively simple to use than Originally, PHP is written in the C programming language to replace one set of scripts in Perl. That’s the reason why coding in PHP is still modest even today.

Many developers find themselves becoming more comfortable with the user-friendly nature of PHP when it comes to coding. “” PHP has better support for data base management system, MySQL. In fact, a very popular blogging platform, Word Press using a combination of excellent coding on PHP MySQL for a content management system, which covers about hundreds of thousands of blog posts per day. Other services are very popular and frequently updated that uses a combination of PHP and MySQL Joomla. can also supports MySQL, but PHP is round was praised, by mass and the same class, for the great support for database management systems. ”

“Programmers using PHP and both also retain their opinion that PHP is better to support embedded with other database management systems, see. SQLite. SQLite is portrayed as a relational database management system and because it is contained in a library of C programming, PHP can provide better support for it. ”

” When it comes to support, PHP win over The main reason for this is that PHP is opensource. Therefore, it supports non could come from all over the world. In most cases, improved PHP instantly. Most support PHP can be directly found online by doing a simple search on the Internet. ”

“PHP is a opensource programming language, which means it is free for anyone to use. Programmers can develop PHP applications almost regardless of cost, because PHP is free to use. too, but extensions are available for free on Windows platform, up 98. Therefore, available to Windows users when they bought it. That puts little limitation in their use. ”

” compiled into memory in binary code. So, when are used for coding, proven that it takes a longer time to process since the code has to be loaded from memory. However, PHP is not compiled into memory as is. It is interpreted at runtime. That’s the reason why PHP coding leads to good Namunbih and even speed efficiency. However, it must be said that both PHP and can run at top speed and efficiency when they are given a code expert. ”

“ you need to run IIS on windows, which is not free. For PHP but you need Linux and Apache are free. Great built to support ftp, email, graphics package gd2 and MySQL also present in PHP. ” “PHP will run on UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows. mainly just Windows Association but you can use it on Linux with additional modules attached. “



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