Some Of The Reasons Choose Linux Debian


Five reasons to use Debian as a Server. – Thank you for the reasoned use Debian on your computer. If you’re not sure why you should try Debian, consider the things below:

Why Debian?

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Debian is a stable operating system for the reply. Debian is an option for the operating system as the server. The reasons:

1. Upgradability.

Debian is not a rolling release, but yg life system can be upgraded to the next stable release, using the apt-get package manager. This is not a “piece of cake”, but it is a documented procedure. Usually, there is no need to reboot or switch to single-user mode.

General system update release to run a very safe by using only one command: apt-get update & & apt-get upgrade. Updates can be automated, but this is not recommended. Excellent tool available to notify Admins when new updates are available (e.g. apticron) and when a reboot is required (update-notifier-common). Reboot is especially necessary when the kernel is updated. Update Debian Kernel is not so frequently, so the system reboot rarely needed and can be scheduled.

Debian is also compatible with a wide range of server hardware devices.


The package has been tested thoroughly before each release of Debian. This is mainly the reason why there is no package of the latest version. Broadcasts occur every 2-3 years. The Debian community is very responsive to bug. Security is one of the most important features of Debian.


The Debian distribution is one of the oldest (active for more than 18 years of age). Stability is synonymous with Debian. Each package has been thoroughly tested before being included in the Debian stable release. Debian always has at least three releases in active maintenance: stable, testing and unstable. Of course, the stable must be used in a production environment.


Debian offers a variety of software packages. In addition, the package it comes configured, so most of the work programme of out-of-the-box once they are installed. Of course, you can reconfigure the package if the default configuration is not suitable for you. However, this does not often happen.

On Debian systems, update the configuration there is respect and ask admin local configuration file differences and new.

Free – Open Source

Debian embraced the philosophy of open source, so you are free to use the software that best suits your business needs.



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