Smartphone Battery Life Saving Tips


Smartphone Battery Life Saving Tips. Without Having To Download The Application. All smartphone designed for the use of a large resources. But really if kan bête should always charge your hp. If too often charge hp, battery life you long will diminish later damaged. To minimize damage to the smartphone’s battery so that you may not and you should always men-charge hp you have a smartphone you save battery life tips without having to download the application first.


Surely hates it right if you are outside and the need to use a smartphone but it turns out the smartphone you run out of power without you know why. Now you have to do things below to save battery life smartphone you.

How To Save Battery Life Smartphone.

1. Switch off the Vibrate Mode (Vibrations)

Although the signal makes it easy for us to know the vibration there is an incoming call or other notification, it does use a lot of battery power. Vibrate mode even spend more battery than mode ringtone. Switch off the vibrate mode to maintain battery power you still save money and not wasted.

2. Lower the Brightness on the screen.

We already know that the screen smartphone, you are the most consuming battery power in addition to GPS. To reduce consumption of battery power, you can be setting the light on the screen you so as not too bright but fairly comfortable views of the eye. You can also use the settings of the adaptation to the conditions of light directly from a smartphone.

3. Shorten your Stand-By Time (time-out) HP Screen.

It’s been mentioned before that the hp screen you are using battery power is wasteful. Thus shorten the time a time-out or standby hp you by arranging them into the fastest time. For example, once you set the standby time you two minutes, you can change only into 15 seconds only.

4. Charge The Battery You Efficiently.

There are two types of batteries used in mobile phones, lithium and nickel batteries. Made of nickel batteries more durable than lithium. If you are using batteries nickel, cell phone you need to be in-charge up to the maximum capacity (100%) when the battery power you live a little. But if you wear a phone lithium battery, you should charge as often as possible to maintain its original capacity.

5. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and a Data package When not in use.

If you are using a smartphone, it’s good to turn off any connectivity because it will dispose of the battery you are useless. Turn on one of the course if necessary. Many smartphone users that does not close the application that has just been used correctly until the application is still in a State of open despite not being used. This of course throw away the battery with the charge. If you are using Android, you just have to tap the buttons and you can swipe your multitasking applications you use to close it.

6. Turn Off The GPS (Location Services).

GPS or location services is the largest use of batteries on smartphones in addition to screen you. You can turn off the GPS in the settings menu you smartphone. That way you will save on battery consumption. Turn on the GPS as you need it, for example when using the Maps to find a location.



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