How To Speed Up Internet Connection On Android


Speed up internet connection android – has a super-fast internet connections certainly be everyone’s expectations, especially users of Android smartphones. Because, in Indonesia at this time was still fairly slow internet connection even though it is supported by a network of 3 g/HSDPA. Those problems appear due to not yet evenly distributed network infrastructure.

Fast Internet Android

There are many ways that we can crank up the speed for the cob internet of which is as follows;

Select a cellular operator top.

the selection of the type of cellular operator (ISP) is the main factor that affects make internet fast. Select the card that has the best network quality and it support HSDPA.

Use the 3 g network Only

so that internet speed is stable, we recommend network settings in Android 3 g option Only to present you with the automatic search. It’s very important to get the best possible internet speed, because if we select WCDMA prefer then occasionally will be thrown to the EDGE network.

Avoid running too many applications.

When you browse the internet with browsers of android, or the middle of the cool downloads, we recommend that you close any other application so that it takes up a lot of RAM which imposes the slowness performance of android.

Turn off Tethering feature.

When we do share your WiFi hotspot and tethering on android users, it means that we share the bandwidth automatically so the internet speed will also be slow. If you want to speed up internet connection preferably avoid the activation of this feature, except for the required course.

Clearing your cache on a regular basic

one factor that triggers the slowness is the performance of your cache. We recommend that you clear the cache on a regular basis in order to be light and mobile performance imposes internet connection which is also smoother.

Use the best Android Browser.

These tips are pretty important. Currently many applications obsolete browser Google Play Store. Please select the top level with high impresion such as Opera Mini, Dolphine, and Chrome.

That’s some tips on how to speed up internet connection on Android so make all activities and work to be smooth without having to waste time waiting for the browser loading is complete. Good luck



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