Clean RAM iPhone, iPod or iPad with Cydia “cleaner”


Did you know, by having you use and open applications that are on your iOS devices iPhone, iPod or iPad will cause memory usage or RAM your device will increase. RAM capacity is not increased but rather empty space will be reduced so that the performance of your device into slow decline, or even could error.

Clean Memory

For the user who did the jailbreak their devices against things like the above, it is very often the case, because the applications or tweaks you download from Cydia, it sometimes does not follow the standard guidelines for the use of ram and cpu that’s been defined by Apple. And as a writer.

tell me above the effects of the use of memory or ram is too large, it will make your iOS devices will be slow, hang, or even frequent force close (closed by itself).

Then how is the solution?. The answer is with the simple logic that is by cleaning the RAM of the log – logs the program so that it gives more space for the RAM. Many applications available for free for this, but the author advises you to use the applications of Cleaner from Cydia.

Here’s how to clear the memory (RAM) on your iPhone, iPad, iPod with Cleaner:

– Open Cydia, tap Search and type “Cleaner.”
– Download and install Cydia apps “Cleaner.”
– Open application Cydia “Cleaner.”
– On the screen of your iOS device, you will see the memory usage that is running. And note – there there are two buttons i.e “Quick clean” and “Deep Clean”.

Quick Clean: If your iDevice in memory usage is not large, we recommend that you select this option.

Deep Clean: this option is used if the memory usage is very large and almost spend your memory.

For application settings, you can shift the screen to kenan, quick clean and auto deep clean, so that when you open the application, the automatic cleaner will do the task you’ve set previously. And the author’s suggestions before you clear the memory on your iPhone, iPod or iPad you should close all applications running in the background.



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