Choosing web hosting and control panel hosting


for this time back I wrote about web hosting and hosting control panel, as a blogger is certainly not always you want to use a free blog from either or And you no doubt also wanted to have its own domain name corresponding to the bloggers to monitize it would be better to use my own domain name, or use a free blog.


Surely my writing this time not be the main benchmark for you in choosing web hosting, this paper I created purely from my experience using a web hosting service such as and Webhosting services to Indonesia I only ever use both services webshoting. How to choose web hosting? The following three recommendations I recommend to friends.

1. the first course you need to look at is the support team or as technical support or customer support, as in the use of web hosting technical support is the backbone of our main, especially in the use of shared hosting. Even though sometimes we rada emotions in the face of technical support but they who want gimanapun has access to the server. So, make sure your web hosting that you will choose to have a support team ready in your questions meladeni.

2. The availability of a Server, I mean here is, does the web hosting has servers outside of the country in addition to the existing dilokal of course. Because this is very important, considering that if we want to build our web/blog with English content and focus to a foreign visitor, surely the thing you notice. And I see, usually the web hosting have servers overseas, though using local server (IIX) your website will be easy to be accessed from abroad. And besides, most importantly, local bandiwth (IIX) unmetered.

3. In addition to the above two things to note when choosing web hosting is a hosting control panel that is used, for the time being there are still some web hosting service that does not use cPanel as your hosting control panel, according to my cPanel hosting control panel is a very powerful tool.

So, make friends who are willing to dive into the world of web blog, lest there is a mistake in choosing a web hosting.



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