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4 Tips on choosing an External Hard Disk for Mac users. External hard Disk is extra storage media that is already very common in the era. Yes, this is because stores all data in the device the computer is certainly not recommended. In addition to making storage filled and reduce productivity, if there are problems of course all existing data can also participate. Well for you Mac computer users who want to buy a external Hard Disk, a few tips you should know Yes! Here’s the list:

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1. always Buy a new Hard Disk, without compromise

I always advise friends or family to buy a new external Hard drive that suits your budget. The hard Disk is a data storage technology that still use digital hardware form the dish moves (platters) and needle readers with a finite lifespan (usually recommended 3-5 years). Of course if buying used goods, you do not start the calculation of the recommended time of yesteryear from the beginning. You are also not necessarily know, how the condition of the Hard Disk last – are used in ways normal, shaken frequently which causes the disc platters and in less good condition or even already problematic as bad sectors for example.

2. Connectors and Hard Disk Technology.

The second tip is to know the latest information about Hard disks that are on the market now. Me to be 2 things Yes – connectors and Hard Disk technology itself.

The connector is a combination of the input port to the external Hard Disk and output that connects this hardware to Mac computers. Customize the type of connector used with external Hard Disk needs you. there are several types of connectors on the external Hard Disk era nowadays. I.e. USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Firewire 800 Port, Lightning and also external Hard Disk for LAN with a network connection to the internet.

Go to the technology, this is a discussion for the application provided by the manufacturer of the Hard Disk last and also other things regarding hardware. Back again on the needs, please adjust if you need additional technologies offered (software encryption, auto backup, fingerprint) as well as monitor the latest hardware technology also currently as lightly-used or various other things.

3. Set the use of the external Hard Disk and do not select the Wrong Size

Please specify the purpose of use of the external Hard Disk are you going to buy. Whether it will be used as a manual backup – in the form of the place put the data from every project or task is finished you do multimedia, documents, photos? Or as a data backup while you are using operating system features Time Machine backups?

Well if you want to use an external Hard Disk as a Time Machine Backup, my advice select a capacity larger than the internal Hard Disk. E.g. 500 GB internal Hard drive, then we recommend that you select the capacity of 1 TB external Hard drive for you. To prevent the full fast storage media and make you the hassles to buy new or delete old backup data.



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