How to Install Webuzo on VPS CentOS 6, 7


Today I move one piece of writing from my other blog to blog this blog is not very active but the content is still quite valid in these years. The purpose of writing this article is none other than to help friends who are experiencing difficulty in the installation of webuzo, as well as a reminder to myself that recently migrated using the webuzo panel on a VPS.

isntall webuzo centos 8

Webuzo itself is a control panel to manage the server. If my friends ever buy paid hosting is certainly familiar with cpanel is not it? NHA, Webuzo was similar with the cpanel but its nature. There’s a paid, about 2.5 dollar per month. But for the practice to install CentOS VPS at webuzo this time we use a free course.

In practice how to install CentOS VPS at webuzo, I will use the centOS vps 6.5 of digitalocean with 512 RAM and the location of the server is located in Singapore. The reason I use the services of this provider is due to Digital Ocean calculate purchase based on vps, and we can easily download a destroy or merebuild if an error occurred or we don’t need vps.

For a complete guide how to install CentOS VPS at Webuzo, please follow the guidelines below:

1. SSH Login via Putty. The first is the default root access with a password that is already generated by the vps provider and sent to you via email.


2. Run the command wget-N This command is used to download the Installer file webuzo

If the command wget not recognized means that wget is still not installed. To install it, please execute the command # yum-y install wget

3. Run the command chmod 0755, followed by/ to install

4. The process will run and if friends doing correctly will look like this:


5. Until this process, installation of centos vps at webuzo is over and you just stay doing setup the base as in the picture below:


6. After clicking on the install, we will be directed to a confirmation page that the installation has been completed. All done and Webuzo control panel you have ready to use.



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