How to Install VestaCP on VPS CentOS 7


Install VestaCP on VPS CentOS 7 – VestaCP is a Free Open Source Control panel for server systems, can to a VPS or Dedicated server. This can help alleviate the burden of the common system administration tasks such as website creation, deployment and management of databases, and many more other features. This guide will help you get up and running with Your VestaCP on CentOS. This product must be installed on the new 7, CentOS Server deployed. This instruction should be done as “root” user via SSH.

Install Vestacp


DNS Is A Prerequisite. VestaCP includes the option to use your own DNS service. If you plan to use your own domain name to make sure Your nameserver should understand about making private nameservers, you will need to request Your domain registrar to make DNS glue records based on the IP address of your server before continuing.

Install VestaCP. Log into your server as a "root" user through SSH to the IP address of your server.

  1. Do the settings hostname field, updating the system, and time zone settings..
  2. Issue the following command to download and install VestaCP:
# cd /temp/
# curl O
3. Run the installer:
# bash

Please note, the installation process may take some time to complete. Once that's done, you can access VestaCP athttps:// (replace with the IP address of your server). If your browser displays a warning message such as below, you can ignore and continue for now.

4. Login with username "admin" and password shown on ssh.

Configuration VestaCP:

After you login to VestaCP, I recommend changing your password. Click on the Admin when you are finished, click Save.



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