How to Unlock all models of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 6, 4S, 5, 5S, 5 c


For those of you who bought the iPhone from a foreign country, either through relatives, relatives, an online shopping site or buy it locally before launching the official live in America, will probably find your iPhone locked to carrier (operator) your iPhone comes from, so it is not possible to use a local SIM card in your iPhone.

how unclok iphone 6s
how unclok iphone 6s

This is not new, since the first generation iPhone, Apple makes products their smartphones are locked to an operator that is already officially supported by Apple in some countries, so the use of the iPhone remain exclusive to only a specific operator.

How about iPhone in Indonesia? The third operator in Indonesia to sell iPhone in a State factory unlocked so you will not have difficulty to use the SIM card of any operator in iPhone Vodafone, Virgin, or your AirTel. For the iPhone overseas which is locked (locked), you have to do to unlock the iPhone before you can use a local SIM card.

How do I Unlock my iPhone? There are several ways to unlock the iPhone, from temporary (provisional) either by software or additional chips, or permanent (remote unlock by IMEI). Here are some brief explanations of how do I unlock the iPhone:

  1. Unlock your iPhone with ultrasn0w

    Is the most popular since the early generation iPhone this way until finally began to be abandoned because the makers of ultrasn0w never update ultrasn0w again since the 1.59.00 baseband on iPhone 4 02.10.04 being updated. So unlock iPhone 4 (02.10.04 baseband ranging from, 03.10.01, 04.10.01, 04.11.08, 04.12.01 to baseband 04.12.02), unlock iPhone 4S (all baseband), and unlock your iPhone using ultrasn0w 5 no longer allows for a while (maybe for a very long time). While the iPhone 3GS can still use ultrasn0w with a rather complex steps, especially if you are not a gadget-freak and there’s a chance Your iPhone 3GS died in missteps.

Our advice: Find a provider unlock with ultrasn0w that professional and affordable, passing on expert. Unless you like challenges!

Ultrasn0w is a software package that is available in the repository in cydia and you must first download the jailbreak your iPhone. Cost: free! (pay when you use the services of a professional)

The advantages:
-without additional hardware/
-chip can be free to use any SIM unlocked


Cannot update iOS or iPhone, you’ll be back in a State of Ruin. LOCKED warranty because you need a jailbreak to install ultrasn0w on iPhone. Jailbreak = Void Apple’s Warranty. However, you can overcome with restore back Your iPhone software if desired to do a warranty claim. Not flexible. Can only be done in some iPhone models with software and baseband version.

2. Unlock the iPhone with SIM Interposer

Way is not free, nor is it efficient, because you will insert a tiny chip together with your SIM card to iPhone. In this way many deficiencies, but for those of you who don’t have other options, this method is worth a try

There are some SIM interposer available in the market, among other Gevey SIM, GPP SIM, SIM, R-X-SIM, etc. Make sure Your version of iOS and baseband supported, since some of the products mentioned above do not support for the latest version of iPhone unlock

. The advantages of
-supports almost all types of iPhone and almost all iOS version/latest baseband (when this article was created)
-The price fix, it could be a cheap alternative when the service factory unlock too expensive for you.
-No need to wait for hours, days, or weeks. If you already have a SIM interposer, simply install, configuration, and studies.


-it takes time to get a new version that supports the latest version of the baseband/iOS. Sometimes it takes months. It doesn’t matter if you do not perform the update software on the iPhone
. An additional Chip-making uncomfortable to change the SIM
. -Need to reset and reconfigure when replacing the SIM card from another carrier
. -Sometimes requires jailbreak.
-On some iPhone specific, you simply enter the chip with a SIM card, and your iPhone automatically unlocked. But not all carriers. Sometimes you will need extra effort hard to unlock iPhone SIM by using specific operator this interpose.

-Update software is hard ban for those of you who are using this solution, or your iPhone will be locked again when you do.






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