How to track a lost android Phone


How to track a lost your android phone – There may be some of you users of Android-based smartphones ever lose her favourite Gadgets or maybe just friends hide in, or forgot to put it perhaps?. It turns out there is how easy and simple to find the missing HP, tucked or just ‘ tucked away ‘ with the default android application itself. under this later I will explain step by step how to track HP android is missing. enjoy.

lost my android phone
lost my android phone

Previously I’d be a little shed some light in the past about the preparation of the first. Android users are obliged to always enable the features of the Google applications settings (figure google applications such as image settings below). So, if you have not enable features that are in the application then your HP can be impossible to find. because the system uses a tracking accuracy of the location with the help of GPS. For those who have yet to lose HP (hopefully not happen) then it is mandatory that feature enabled to keep-keep if someday HP android gone (hopefully not the case).

And below is how to enable these settings: features of google Applications

  • Open google settings
  • Enter the menu: Android Device Manager
  • Check the option ‘ Remotely Locate This Device ‘ and ‘ Allow Remote Lock and factory Reset ‘
  • well, till there half way completed.
  • the last is the android GPS enable you and the data connection must be ON the alias always ‘ connected ‘ to the operator
  • is finished and ready to just try (meaning that we try to hide and we are remote from a distance) to ensure it is functioning or not. ’cause I’ve tried it myself and successful 100 percent

To simply try it out then that must be prepared that the major is a tool to search for (remote) Hp. Through android based Smartphone or Laptop loans from friends too. Below is a step by step how to mount a remote HP android is missing.

  • 2The display initially you have to sign in to your existing Google account in HP you deliberately remove (as an experiment). Enter your google email and password. the account (email) the same as the account you created to download the applications in google play.
  • first display of the google-owned sites like the picture below
  • Please go to the following site-> click here
  • After success next entry you will see a search mode display device. wait until the search is completed. (if not successful then click the GPS just like the picture below marked with an arrow)
  • 3If it succeeds then it will look like the image below, according to the layout of the territory you remove HP android. the image below is an example of my HP android try my search and found.


  • The picture above (which I’ve circled the blue arrow is no indication of the exact location in the village where my HP. and the red arrow is the location or range area estimation of GPS
    my place.
  • There are three menu or function in the application, i.e., the ‘ ringer ‘ is to ring in a HP lost for hours, don’t worry when you HP in the ‘ silent ‘ conditions then it will still ring with maximal volume. Then there is the lock button, its function is to ‘ lock ‘ the Hp android mate in order to permanently locked and no one can open. and the last is the button ‘ delete ‘ functions the delete data in HP you from long distance, be it the image data, video and other files in internal and external memory, secure no?




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