How to Show Battery Percentage iOS iPhone 8


How to Show Battery Percentage iOS iPhone 8 in presence of new Apple device – iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, is very different from its predecessor, the smartphone with a design that is thinner than the other. And soon will present the iPhone based on rumors circulating 6S.

Iphone 7

Although the iPhone battery 6 with iOS 8.2 wasteful but have battery life is longer than the iPhone and the other 5S but of course you have to look at the percentage of the battery to determine the battery should already be in-charge or not.

8 present in IOS iPhone 6 and a Plus but it’s still just not by default displays the percentage of the battery which is certainly sometimes set you can only estimate the battery is low or not. Well, this time we will share how do I display the percentage of the battery 8 iOS on iPhone.

Sometimes, we need a battery percentage on iPhone’s display to find out how big a battery that is already in use. Of course there are default battery indicator in the menu bar is not enough to show this, we must use existing battery percentage on iOS 4.

If you enable this feature, then it would appear the percentage figure on the left of the battery on the menu bar. Follow the steps below:

1. Go into menu Settings

iphone 82 Select the menu General

iphone 9iphone 123 Select menu Usage

iphone 104. Note the sub-menu Battery Percentage below are still in a State of inactivity.

iphone 115 Now, activate by way of shifting to the right like the picture below.




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