How to restore a Deleted Album Photo on Android


How to restore Deleted Photos on Android Without Root – The photo is one of the important files for some people. With photos we can remember past events or memory that has been immortalized by the camera. Even to get a photo that draws us willing to go to distant places and spend a lot of cost. But there would be if an important photo that depicts a past memory or to get the photo needs to go to a lovely place it was deleted it was certainly very annoying. But the calm you can restore your deleted photo files with ease. How to restore that by using the help of a sophisticated application named Restore Image (Super easy).


Many applications in the Playstore offering to restore the image files are erased but, the application Restore Image (Super easy) to be one of the best applications. Where the application has been downloaded more than millions of android users and get a good rating so that recommend the application for you. In addition to restoring deleted photos this application does not require root and size of the application Restore Image (Super easy) very small so it won’t eat up a lot of places.

How to restore Deleted Photos on Android Without Root: before you apply the steps below on how to restore a deleted image files then you should first download the application at the Playstore.

1. Open the application Restore Image (Super easy)

2. Then, choose the folder where your photos have been deleted

3. Then, select the file photo.

4. Then, click restore image (in the lower right corner)

5. If you’re heading to the gallery. And then view the photos you’ve successfully restored or not.

6. Finish

How to restore deleted photo files is very easy just a few minutes your photos directly to be back. But not all of the photos to be deleted can be restored, possible related factors is the photo was deleted already long enough so that the application could not detect it. But that reason why this application is very recommendations is having some features such: a easy to use, does not require a PC. Does not require a root, does not need to back up the data first.

Restore files from SD Card/memory card How very exciting not the features of the application Restore Image (Super easy) to restore the image files are erased. If you want to try out the application please download via the Playstore.

In addition to the application Restore Image (Super easy) there are still other applications that don’t lose cool Deleted Photo Recovery, where this application is able to restore files that you delete the photo. The application Deleted Photo Recovery has been developed by Abdelrahman m. Playstore in Sid. Where there are already hundreds of thousands of android users who already benefit from this application. But from some of the comments that this application was only able to restore deleted photo files from phone memory to SD Card only and could not. Then, how to restore deleted photo files using Application Deleted Photo Recovery? Here’s how it’s easy living steps away your images will be returned.


1. The first Step is you have to download the application applications Deleted Photo Recovery in Playstore (the Download Link is at the end of the post).

2. Then, install the application

3. Then, open the application hereinafter

4. Then, click on Start Recovery,

5. Next select the image that you want to restore.

6. Then click Recover

7. Then the photo that’s been erased last saved will be back in a folder called Deleted Photo Recovery.



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