How to open SIM Card iPhone 6/6 Plus /4/4S/5/5 c


Open SIM Card iPhone 6/6 Plus /7/4S/5/5 c, in fact how to open SIM iPhone it’s easy, you just need to find slots SIM (the part that split, about 1 cm with small point) to unlock the SIM with SIM card tray eject tool or can also use needles.

The trick is merely the point stabbing with a SIM card ejector tool that become default iPhone, please check on the cardboard iPhone, or it could be with pins/needles, then slightly pressed until the SIM tray of his exit.

how open and remove simcard iphone 6
how open and remove simcard iphone 6

Easy steps Open Sim Card iPhone Slot 6. HP iPhone 6 is one of the newest products from Apple who is now being sought by many people. Products from Apple always offer high technology though it also makes the price of any Apple product, and no exception iPhone 6 priced quite high among other phones in its class. Comparable to the price offered, the technologies from HP that is also always offers sophisticated facilities and greatly facilitate the users iPhone 6. However, there are some of the latest technology and facilities from HP which is not owned by hp from other brands. Ride on one is about the sim card slot on the Apple products are not the same as other hp products. SIM card slot on the hp with the
Apple brand is indeed unique and can not be opened without using a tool named sim car d ejector. For you iPhone users 6 are still feeling confused about how to unlock the sim card slot 6 hp iPhone, here is a little guide that hopefully can help you.

Locate the Sim Card Slot on your mobile phone, the first step is looking for the location of the sim card slot on Your iPhone 6. To find it of course is not too difficult. Because, sim card slot will see very clearly and shaped like a small place sim card which is located on the side of your phone. This kind of   technology will benefit you because you do not need to disassemble the phone battery if want to change sim   card or take off simcard from

Your mobile phone. It’s just that, on products from Apple, sim card slot is not be opened as easily as it does on other brands of mobile phones. In fact, in recognizing the slot, you have to find it first. Of course this will guarantee the security of the sim card You will not easily acquired nor regardless of place.

Open The Sim Card Slot Using A Sim Card Ejector. Once you know the location of the sim card slot on the iPhone 6 you, then you should now know how to open the sim card by using a sim card ejector which is available when you buy the phone. The shape is similar pins and you have to use the tip to be included into the holes located near the sim card slot your phone.

SIM Card Ejector will be useful as the key that can unlock the sim card slot on your mobile phone. Although the initial purchase when your phone will get a sim card ejector, however small its often can make these small objects disappear and you will find difficulty when will open sim card on your phone. When this occurs, you do not need to worry because you can buy a sim card ejector mobile accessories in the store. It would be better if you use a sim card ejector original iPhone from hp 6 hp security you so that you will be more secure.



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