How to Logout Your Account Gmail on Android Applications


Logout your account Gmail on Android – Why this title uses the Word application because Google or Gmail email on Android can be accessed by applications using Gmail or Google chrome application or other browsers, of course for the use of the two different way especially in terms of exit or logout of gmail account.

This article may be trivial for you to impress the adept in the world of Android, but for you newcomers (newbie) in using the Android can dizziness dizziness only to logout your account Gmail in Android applications.

Before discussing more about this first tutorial we’ll describe in outline the differences of application gmail with google crome application. Outline application in Android that is associated with another person or pecuniary (gmail, bbm, fb, twitter, playstore) always need an email account to use it, the reason is of course to protect accounts from theft or misuse. While for those who access Gmail with crome browser application, gmail accounts that you use it can be different with your account in the gmail app does that mean google crome browser and Gmail applications you can access two gmail email accounts are different.

For the logout process Gmail account on Android way also quite easy and simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Go into Settings, then click on the Accounts


  • The next step, click on the menu that says Google


  • Then you will be at the point on the email account you use to login in Gmail application. Click on that section.


  • On the part menu on Remove account click on that section. Gmail email account you already logout or exit. To enter again you can use the same email or replace it with another email.


This tutorial uses Android, the Samsung brand to another brand the way more or less the same. Search in accordance with the stages above. Good luck.



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