How to Facetime Video Call Between platforms, the Android-iPhone


How to Facetime Video Call Between platforms, the Android-iPhone. If the iPhone and iPad have Facetime, then Android user don’t have to grieve. In addition, there is a video call via the 3G service, they could use the advice video callFacetime with an app called Tango. This application is developed by Tango developers, and you can get it free!!! She cried again, besides can be connected between an Android phone, you can do by phone platform iOS, such as the iPhone. Cool right?


For those of you who are interested please follow these steps to download and install.

1. Download via Android Market

2. Once installed, launch the application

3. Please enter Your account number with You tango, following their email

4. After you have an account, then you could do a video call with your friends who contact him you have input on the phonebook of Tango. Phonebook of Tango also you can get from your phone contacts with refresh him.

5. You can do 2-way video communication, it’s just going to be more engrossed in your mobile phone and comes with a dual camera (main and secondary camera camera/front)

6. You can do on/off voice or video by pressing the corresponding soft button logo in the bottom left (voice) and upper right (video), but this feature is only applicable for those of you, who do the connection between Android phones?.

7. Most importantly, this service you can enjoy even if it does you not have a pulse though only requirement, must be connected to the internet, either via Wi-fi or data plan with your carrier.

When it’s this, or just hang out when the conference calls will be the thing that becomes opium. So, good luck …


The advantages of the Tango than Facetime:-Do not just use WiFi-Can a multi, platform, android or android-iphone-Free

A lack of Tango than Facetime:-sound quality of the dam network. With the same WiFi, Facetime is far better.