How to enable Wifi Hotspot (Tethering) on Android


How to enable Wifi Hotspot (Tethering) on Android – one of the charms of a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system was the facility Wifi hotspots. With this facility allows Android users can share the internet connection to other users whether the Notebook/Laptop or other smartphone users.

enable wifi android

Coupled with the large number of providers that offer cheap unlimited internet package certainly will make the Android user greatly helped with the facilities on their Android Wifi Hotspot facility is in fact already integrated since the android operating system version 2.2 (Froyo). But with the development of the Android technology currently making Wifi hotspots are increasingly facilitated ways users. For android users who are looking for information on how to enable wifi hotspot (Tethering) on the following android, will give you step-by-step how to turn on Wifi Hotspot (Tethering) on Android.

Setting and Enable Wifi Hotspot (Tethering) on Android

  1. Go into the settings menu
  2. Click Wireless and Network
  3. Click the Tethering and Portable HotspotClick settings Portable Wi-fi HotspotClick Configure Portable Wi-fi Hotspot It would seem the configuration menu Portable Wi-Fi HotspotSSID: the name of your Wifi Security: Wi-fi Security/passwords for users who want to connect with Wifi Hotspot (if you do not want to give the password select the option open, but for safety we recommend that you give the password on Wifi hotspots that you needed to avoid the use of Wifi hotspots by another user that you do not want)
  4. When you are finished setting back to Wifi hotspots Tethering and Portable HotspotGive a checklist on a Portable Wi-fi Hotspot to enable Wifi Hotspot on your android.
  5. Finished, now you’ve enabled Wifi hotspots on your Android, don’t forget to activate internet packages on a Smartphone or your Tablet Android, so that other users can connect with a network of Wifi hotspots.
If you feel the way above still inconvenient, you can use the Tethering application widgets, this application you can download on the Google Store Play. With this application allows you to activate the Wifi Hotspot On Android with few steps. Such information how to enable Wifi Hotspot (Tethering) on Android.



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