How to delete all the songs at once on the iPhone


How to delete all the songs at once on the iPhone – you can delete delete songs directly on iOS devices, certainly in Music through my own app. really like this feature because it gives convenience when must allocate storage memory quickly.

music iphone delete

But on some occasions this feature can not be used, especially for users of the iTunes service Match. Well, put it this way, if it is better to just delete all the lagumu at once so as not to disrupt. No, no need to plug it into iTunes to delete all songs, follow these steps.

The following the steps:

Open settings Usage on iOS devices via the Settings application > General > Usage.

Wait the loading process is finished, the list of applications and search on default iOS Music applications. Click to display the contents.
music iphone
Press the Edit button at the top right and press the button ‘-‘ on the left lists All Music, the last step is pressing the Delete key. The other way is faster is a swipe from right to left on the list All Music to bring up the Delete key.
all music iphone
Now try opening the application if there’s still Music, songs or digital content there?

Note: the above will make all Manner of digital content in the application of Music to be deleted. My advice, do a backup first before trying these tips so that unsaved content into iTunes on your computer can be reused without the need to download. And most importantly, reassure yourself before deleting all the songs at once Yes.



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