How to Copy or Paste and blocks of Text on latest Android Lollipop 2016


Tips How to Copy or Paste and blocks of Text At the latest Android Lollipop 2016. When you first use a new Android, one basic things that must be remembered is how to copy and paste texts so that will make it easy for you to copy phone numbers, copy the SMS on Android, copy text from the browser to the sms or email and copy paste the other.

How to Copy SMS on Android Lollipop? The following are tips for short, as a record of these tips can be used on any Android such as kitkat, ice or jelly bean, not only for Android Lollipop course. To Copy SMS Android easily, you just choose the SMS that will be copied, and then press a while (2-5 sec) on an SMS that will be copied, up pops the top options for a Copy. Choose to copy the sms symbol.

copy text

How to move or copy the results of the term cool way of pasting the text on Android? Tap (about 2 – 5 seconds) in the text area where you want to move/copy the text, until it appears the option Paste (Paste).

paste copyIf you want to copy a few words or sentences, it’s easy to press and hold on a word or phrase that, until there is an option to block/select text, and then slide to the beginning of the word and to the end of the sentence, as below.

paste androidAfter, the text to be copied successfully in blocks (selected) next press copy that appears above. Now you have managed to copy the text you want to paste the text and moved to the area that you want.



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