How to Backup Data iPhone Using iCloud


How to Backup Data iPhone, iPad Using iCloud or iTune – Backup Activity, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can use iTunes or iCloud. It is usually performed when upgrading iOS Backup or restore the OS. Things that can be backed up using iTunes (music that has been in the buying, apps, books; photos and videos in Camera Roll; Device settings (such as Wallpaper, Contacts, Mail and others); app data; Homescreen App and Organization; Message (iMessage, SMS, and MMS; Ringtones and much more).

Backup data iphont to icloud

icloud will automatically backup important data from the Device. To enable the iCloud you guys can do it by going to Settings-iCloud-> > Storage Backup and switch from & off to on.

After you guys feature iCloud on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, each day will automatically backup your iCloud in the circumstances:

-The connected Device with Wi-Fi
-Device charging in a State
-Lock the Screen on the Device is active

If you do not want your iCloud work automatically, switch to off. Then do a Manual Backup. Do I like this: Settings-iCloud-> > Storage & backups. Switch position off Backup to iCloud. Then click Backup Now. The Backup process will run and you guys stay waiting for him until she finished. To estimate the time is dependent upon size and internet connection.

In addition to doing backups using iCloud you guys can also perform data backup using iTunes. Can you guys please read the tutorial on how to Backup Data using iTunes. How to Backup Data using iCloud in the next article.



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