File Transfers Between Mac or iOS From Ala Water Drop


File transfers between Mac or iOS from ala Water Drop, Sending files to other iOS devices or to a Mac can be a situation that makes scratch-scratch your head because it’s not as easy as imagined. Actually there are many ways that can be taken, starting from using iTunes, email or using other applications.


The above way inefficient, require quite a long time and usually involves the synchronization process using an internet connection or cable.

On a Mac using Mountain Lion one way which is very easy to understand, named the water Drop. Users simply drop files to other computers that appear in the Water Drop.

There is a new application named Instashare, file transfer application that has the same file delivery system with water Drop. With Instashare iOS devices can send files to other iOS device has a Instashare or to a Mac which is also already have Instashare. However, all devices must be connected in the same network, WiFi or can use Personal Hotspot if there is no WiFi available. In addition to WiFi Instashare also supports Bluetooth, so if the problematic WiFi use Bluetooth. Obviously, the first pairing of iOS devices or Mac in System Preferences or Settings.


Instashare can transmit any kind of file that is in the iOS. But, regarding the limitations of regulation sandboxing in iOS. Instashare can only access the photo library. But luckily in the latest version of iOS, Apple started allowing applications interacting with the popup Open In another application. You can send a file from another application, such as a PDF from Mail, tap the PDF file and send it to Instashare. The PDF file to Instashare and ready to be shared with drag-n-drop it to the desired device.

The use of Instashare Mac version far very easy and everything is more clear. That needs to be done live drag a file onto the Instashare icon in the Dock or on the Menu Bar, then select the device purpose. In the device purpose live in approve.


Instashare valued free, but has ad. To remove the ads, simply pay only USD 0.9. While the current Mac version is still beta and of course free. According to the website Instashare, version Android and Windows will come later.



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