How to Transfer All Contacts From iPhone to Android


Here are how to Transfer contact from iPhone to Android Smart phone. The large number of Android-based smartphone with a large range of models, it cannot be denied if there is a transition user of the iPhone to the Android platform. Things may be difficult is to move the existing contacts on your iPhone.

iphone to Android

Here be discussed how to move contacts from an iPhone to Android, so that you do not hesitate to change your smartphone with the new model, here are how to move contacts from an iPhone to Android phones.

  1. Sync Google Account.

The first method we can do: with synchronize contacts with your Google account. To use Android phones, google accounts are usually required, but if you don’t already have a google account that could make it first, then after a google account is completed then grab your iPhone and navigate to “mail, contacts, calendar” from the settings menu of your iPhone.

This is a place where your google account will be included. Then, press the Add Account, and select Gmail, as well as enter your login information in it. Next iPhone will ask what want to sync with a google account, while the synchronous run keep your internet connection.

2. Transfer via the Cloud.

Then, if you have active on your iPhone iCloud, this method requires a fast time, then how do I transfer using iCloud transfer method? Search settings, and then choose “mail, Contact, Calendar,” after that select Accounts “then you will see the iCloud listed. Select this option, and then turn on the toggle or change “Contacts”. IPhone will ask to merge a contact device with iCloud.

move conatct iphone to android

After the process is done, navigate to in a web browser the computer, log in with your Apple ID, then select “Contact”. Click the small wheel in the lower left corner, then Select All. After that, click the small wheel again and select “Export vCard”.

Navigate to and click on the button “mail”, then select “Contact” click on “more” tab, select “Import”, select Choose File, and then the saved vCard files. When it’s completed import, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.

3. Transfer with iTunes.

When your contacts are stored locally or you are using a non-Gmail, then you can transfer your contacts via iTunes on a windows computer configuration or Mac.

Use Third-Party Applications. If some of these methods did not work properly, then you can use a third-party application to transfer contact iOS to Android. Two third-party applications that can be used to move the contacts from an iPhone to Android is PhoneSwappr and Contact Backup.



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